Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative online venture that can earn you a stable passive income. It has secured its place in the multi-billion dollar industries with an estimated global value of $12 billion. With a growing demand from brands, it will only continue to increase in popularity.

Some websites have already made it big and established their presence in the affiliate marketing world. Of course, that does not mean there is no room for newbies. In fact, there is still an excellent opportunity for you to get your piece of the pie and make a decent living.

I will share two of the most successful examples of affiliate marketing websites. Hopefully, this will provide a good starting point for those seeking to create their site.

But first..

What Is An Affiliate Website?

An affiliate website is a third-party website that promotes other people’s products. It does not own them but acts as a middleman between merchants and customers.

Affiliate websites help business owners find more leads and customers for their products. On the other hand, customers get detailed information about the products they want.

Some examples of affiliate websites include and These two sites have created a reputation as reliable sources of information. Customers trust their opinion and look to them for reviews of various products.

For example, GearHungry is a men’s gear, gadgets, and lifestyle niche website. It provides detailed reviews of products and features from different brands. Similarly, Barbed is in the fitness niche. It focuses on providing information about workouts, equipment, and supplements.

How Do They Make Money?

Affiliate marketing is a business like any other. It requires a strategy, plan, time, and effort to grow. The only difference is that you don’t have to own the product to make money.

The websites earn money from affiliate commissions. The website owner signs up for an affiliate program and receives an affiliate link. Whenever a reader buys something through their link, they receive a commission as a reward for their marketing efforts.

These commissions vary from program to program. The pay-out formula also varies.

Key To Growing An Affiliate Website?

WebsiteAffiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It needs time, strategy, and commitment. To grow your affiliate website, focus on these three things:

Create Great Content. Your website visitors are more interested in content than anything else. Before clicking any links, they hope for helpful resources, detailed reviews, or guides.

Ensure your content, whether videos, articles, or images, provide the answers they are looking for. Additionally, make it convincing enough, so they click on your links. Of course, you should remain truthful and accurate in your reviews.

Marketing your business Use Social Media. While a website is excellent and offers credibility, social media platforms are vital for marketing. They are powerful tools that provide opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience.

Utilize platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter (to name a few) to promote your affiliate website. Each has its benefits, audience, and uniqueness.

Building Your Email List. Your website readers may not always purchase on their first visit. For this reason, you need to capture their email addresses. It allows you to grow your affiliate website by directly sending targeted emails and offers to your prospects.


Creating an affiliate website is easy. However, it takes more than just throwing up a website and hoping for the best to make money. You can always take an affiliate marketing course to get started.

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