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Welcome to Mobile and Passive. This site is about achieving a lifestyle that is life on your terms.

A mobile lifestyle, while earning a passive income with affiliate marketing. A lifestyle that gives you freedom and excitement.

It’s about the two thoughts that lived rent-free in my mind for years. I wanted a mobile lifestyle where my office was where I wanted it to be on any given day. And a passive income stream that did not require a 9 to 5 to make a living. I learned that affiliate marketing was the best route for that.

It’s about a few realizations that many of us come to at different points in life.

Retirement Age is Coming Fast – Will I Be Working Till I’m 90?

Passive Income SavingsYou might be nearing retirement, and wondering how you’ll bridge the gap between the lifestyle you want and the social security check that you hope still exists. As you cross 40 years old and 50 years old those become serious thoughts in all of our minds. Yes, there’s the top 1/2 percent that does not give it second thought.

But that’s not where most of us are. And you start to realize that maybe your financial planning has not been perfect, but who has been perfect with that planning? Not many of us. But you’re doing the right thing in considering the plan to bridge that income gap, and plan for retirement!

Working a Job that You Just Don’t Love

Or you might be working a job that you don’t love, and you sometimes wonder…”Is there another way to make a living that doesn’t require this daily grind?” Many people have a lot of things related to their job and career that they would love to change, and maybe you’re one of them? 

  • The structured work schedule
  • The daily commute
  • An income with a set ceiling
  • Doing something that you just don’t love
  • A job that consumes most of your waking hours
  • A boss who you might be smarter than (but not always 🙂)
  • 100% of your daily energy to make someone else rich
  • The pressure of deadlines and work commitments
  • And more

And you just wonder if there’s another way. Is there a way to pursue my passion, and what I enjoy?

Work From Anywhere Lifestyle

Or maybe you’re a rebel. A non-conformist. The square peg who gets up every day and tries to fit in the square hole known as your career. Many, many people do this. More than you realize.

You might also be an introvert, who prefers to work alone. This is hard to do in a corporate environment. Most jobs and most companies require a lot of people skills and personal interaction. And maybe that’s not your favorite thing. 

If any of those ideas speak to your current life setup, then you’re in the right place!

Finding What Works For You

It really comes down to asking yourself the lifestyle that you want to achieve. What works best for you, and the way you are made? 

For me, I never liked the 9 to 5, and that’s taking nothing away from those who like it. My wife prefers it and enjoys it. She works 40+ hours a week for a university, and really enjoys her work. It works very well for some people, and they enjoy their jobs. And they prefer the set structure and consistent schedule. 

I did not like the structured 9 to 5. I pondered every day as I would drive to work of how I could figure out Plan B so I didn’t have to work a structured schedule. I wanted to work from anywhere. A mobile life that would afford me more freedom.

But I was, and am, a very hard worker. I love my work, and work many long days. So it’s not a matter of being lazy. It’s a matter of finding a lifestyle that works for you, and what you prefer. It’s about finding what best fits you. 

If you’re lazy and don’t like to work, no matter what you pursue it will be tough to find success. Success in any endeavor requires work and sacrifice. 

How to Make Passive Income From Home

I worked in a traveling management job. I was driving around the state meeting with clients and dealing with thorny, sometimes ugly, issues on a near-daily basis.

I was so exhausted at the end of the day that I melted into my recliner, with no energy to spare, hoping my family would just let me be. I didn’t have the energy to talk, much less go outside and play with my kids. It was the early 2000’s, and the opportunities to build a business online were scarce. Very scarce.

Our Mission at Mobile and Passive

Our mission with Mobile and Passive is to help people to achieve their dream lifestyle. To help you build something better for your future so that you have a better retirement and additional income. I know that affiliate marketing is one of the very best ways to do that.

And it’s 100% achievable if you’re willing to put it in some time each and every day. To grow and get better every day. Consistent action, on a daily basis, is the secret sauce to becoming successful at any endeavor. But the great news here, is that this process is actually fun. 

And whether you’re an introvert or the life of the party, this process fits every personality type.

At Mobile and Passive, we will give you the very best advice and guidance that we can. This road takes work. But the work is fun and very fulfilling, and has a very nice payoff in the form of a Mobile and Passive Lifestyle.

A lifestyle where you can travel and work from anywhere, and earn a mainly passive income that does not require a 9 to 5 job. 

If you’re willing to work hard, take consistent action, get better every day, then your dream lifestyle is simply a matter of time.

Work hard today to build a foundation that pays you with lifestyle in the future. Click to return to the homepage.

To Your Success!


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