How to Make an Affiliate Website with WordPress

How to Make an Affiliate Website with WordPress?

Websites are the ideal platforms for doing affiliate marketing. If you are serious about creating a solid online business, you must have yours. 

They help you build trust with potential customers and showcase your products and services like a pro. Plus, you have complete control over your site, unlike other channels.

In the recent past, it took weeks and sometimes months to build a website. Today you can create an affiliate site in no time. 

WordPress is the platform of choice for most affiliate marketers. It’s easy, fast, convenient, and very robust. In fact, you don’t need any coding skills to set up a site.

So, how do you go about it? No worries. I will briefly show you how to make an affiliate website with WordPress.

How to set up a WordPress affiliate website?

  1. Buy a domain name and choose a host
  2. Install WordPress to your domain
  3. Choose a theme, buy and activate it
  4. Add the required plugins and start your affiliate marketing business

Do I Need a Website for Affiliate Marketing

Buy A Domain Name And Choose A Host

The first step to building an affiliate website is choosing a domain name. It’s the name web users search on their browsers to visit your site.

The company that holds your domain after you purchase is called a “Registrar.” Your Registrar can also guide you on what domains are available to purchase, and also variations of your desired domain.

Choose a domain name that suits your niche and helps your website visitors understand the kind of content that they will find on your website. Try using a product or service name that’s memorable for the sake of your SEO.

There are other considerations when picking a domain name, such as length, simplicity, relevance, and professionalism. I won’t go deeper into it here. But you can always sign up for Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about it. It’s a powerhouse training platform with loads of info, and a simple step-by-step process for all of this.

Once you have selected the perfect domain name, purchase it from a trusted Registrar.

Choose a Host 

Next, you’ll need to choose a host who will “host” your website. Many companies act as Registrar and host. 

In other words, you can purchase a domain and then host your website, all on the same platform.

Ensure the host has a package that fits your needs and is within your budget. For example, if your affiliate site will have an online store similar to e-commerce, consider buying a hosting plan that supports the large bandwidth and performance needs of such a website.

Download The Latest WordPress Version From

With a domain name and hosting package in place, it’s time to download the latest version of WordPress. Go to the official site and click on the “Get WordPress” button on the top right side of your screen.

Download the ZIPPED file to your computer and then unzip it. You will find a folder with the WordPress software files and then install them.

WordPress provides an installation guide, but you can always take comprehensive lessons from the Wealthy Affiliate training program for free.

Install WordPress to Your Domain

WordPressWith the WordPress software on your computer, you’re ready to install it. Log in to your domain hosting control panel and configure a database for WordPress. It should be easy to set up using the hosting control panel.

After that, upload the WordPress files to your domain. This step is usually done via an FTP client. Then, use your browser to log in to the WordPress installation page. (1)

Follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen, such as creating a username and password for your site. Once that’s done, your WordPress site is ready!

Choose A Theme

You need to choose a theme for your affiliate website. This is the design and style of your website. It’s the outer layer that visitors will see.

This step can be confusing not because it’s difficult but mainly because WordPress has thousands of themes, both free and paid. You want something attractive and professional. It should also be easy to navigate.

Take your time to scroll through the themes and pick one that rhymes with your website niche. Once you decide, buy it, install it to your WordPress and activate it.

While you could go for the free themes, they are usually limited regarding customization and support. Some are outrightly low quality.

Add The Required Plugins And Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Plugins are components used to extend the functionality of WordPress and make your website more powerful. These are things like:

  • Contact forms
  • SEO optimization tools
  • Security plugins
  • Shopping cart and payment systems
How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

WordPress Training

At Mobile & Passive, we believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn website building, and building a successful online business. It has the best training, tools, support, and amazing success stories. Whether you’re brand new, or a seasoned pro, it works equally well for everyone. And you can test drive the program for absolutely free – not even a credit card down. 

Top Training for WordPress Sites

To learn just how easy setting up a WordPress site can be, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an affiliate marketing training platform, and part of their training is WordPress setup and website building.

But their process not only shows you how to build a WordPress site, but also how to build it properly for monetization (making money with your site). So it’s a double dose of powerful training.


For a complete beginner in affiliate marketing, this guide may sound overwhelming. But trust me, it’s not.

Once you sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate program, you will learn how to make an affiliate website with WordPress for free. With a few sessions, you’ll be able to build a fully functioning website in no time.

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  1. Parameter

    WordPress is an intuitive platform. I love the ease with which I use it to create websites. I have been using WordPress for more than three years, and I can testify to how robust and easy to use you will find this platform. From the account set up to installing plugins and creating content, they have made it very easy.

    1. Mobile and Passive

      Yes I completely agree. There are no limitations with WordPress – none. And that is a great comfort knowing that you can build literally anything as you build out your website. The sky is truly the limit. Thanks for stopping by Parameter, and hope to chat again soon!

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