Page Speed on Affiliate Sites

Page Speed on Affiliate Sites

For a long time, affiliate sites viewed page speed as a “nice-to-have” component. It wasn’t that critical. However, Google emphasizes the importance of user experience on every site. Website speed is now more important than ever, and affiliate sites must focus on it to achieve success.

Importance of Site Speed

Site speed is critical for every e-commerce site. While it directly affects your conversion, it is also vital for search rankings. You must check the page performance for your affiliate site for desktop and mobile browsers. Faster loading times are critical because they help with the following:

1. Improved User Experience

Users want your website to load in under 2 seconds. A page that takes too long to load records high rates of abandonment. Users don’t want to wait for your slow page to load, you must improve the speed, or they will drop it and find a faster one.

When users spend more time on your site, conversions increase. You will enjoy more revenue from the conversions.

2. More Page Views

Page Speed on Affiliate Sites - Google PageSpeed InsightsGoogle PageSpeed Insights are crucial for Google page ranking. With metrics to measure load times, Google ensures that the pages featured at the top of the results page have fast loading times. People tend to click more on the results on the first page, so you will get more visitors to your site.

3. Lower Bounce Rate

Think with Google states that an increase in page load time from one second to three seconds increases bounce rate probability by 32 percent. Further rise to five seconds increases the probability to up to 90 percent. The time may seem small, but the impact can lead to a significant loss in revenue.

Improve Your Affiliate Site’s Speed

The best way to improve your site speed is to use specific plugins. The most popular plugins are WP Rocket and Nitropack. Let’s examine each of them individually.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a website caching plugin that helps improve site speeds, thereby influencing SEO ranking. It has automated features that can help improve the lazy loading of images, file optimization, and mobile rendering. WP Rocket helps create an exciting surfing experience for visitors, helping improve traffic and conversions.

WP Rocket does not require coding or web design knowledge to install, and the process takes approximately three minutes. The pricing for new customers on WP Rocket is as follows:

  • Single (one website): $59/year.
  • Plus (three websites): $119/year.
  • Infinite (unlimited websites): $299/year.

Prices for upgrading:

  • Single to Plus: $60.
  • Single to Infinite: $240.
  • Plus to Infinite: $180.


The Nitropack plugin is an excellent solution for website speed issues. It is an all-in-one tool helping you fix website performance if you don’t want to do it manually. You can install Nitropack even with no web design or coding experience.

Nitropack helps with various issues, including advanced caching, font, and image optimization. Once you install Nitropack, you don’t need any other plugins.

You can purchase any of the three plans:

  • Business: $17.50 per month
  • Growth: $42.50 per month
  • Scale: $146.67 per month

Purchase Your Ideal Plugin

Make your decision and purchase the Nitropack or WP Rocket plugin for your WordPress. Installation instantly boosts your speed, ensuring your site passes Core Web Vitals and records a 90+ Google PageSpeed Insights score. A fast affiliate site means more commissions from conversions.

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