What to Look For in an Affiliate Program?

What to Look For in an Affiliate Program?

Choosing an affiliate program is one of the most vital decisions you can make as an affiliate marketer. It can be a daunting task, given the wide range of options to choose from and how every platform markets itself as the best. Since the program sets the playing field, we are here to help you with what to look for in an affiliate program.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Consider the following factors:

  • Commission percentage
  • Attribution window
  • Payout frequency

Commission Percentage

Affiliate marketing heavily relies on commissions, providing an incentive to the affiliates. Different companies offer various commission structures. You must examine the program’s commission structure to find ways of maximizing your earnings.

Popular commission structures include:

  • Pay-per-sale commission: You earn a percentage of the sale once someone purchases through your affiliate link. Commissions will vary depending on the product you sell. You can make from 1% to 50% or more.
  • Pay-per-action: There’s a predetermined action your readers must perform for you to earn a commission. Activities vary from visiting the website, subscribing, signing up for the newsletter, or requesting a demo. Each action may earn you a different amount.

Some commission structures may also promote memberships and subscriptions. You will often earn a commission every time a member renews their subscription. For lifetime subscription plans, you may earn a commission for a given period.

Amazon, for example, pays notoriously low commissions! I only have Amazon affiliate links on my sites until I can replace them with better affiliate partners. Learn why it’s important to consider alternatives to Amazon.

Attribution Window

The attribution window measures the time someone views or clicks on your ad to when they take action. After the period elapses, their action cannot be credited to your link. Affiliate programs have different attribution windows, and they are as important as commission percentages.

Before settling on an affiliate program, you must examine the attribution models for various affiliate programs. Depending on the affiliate program, you can have an attribution period of 24 hours, several days, months, or years. Even a lifetime attribution window for some affiliate partners.

Some platforms, like Fiverr, have a lifetime attribution period. You will receive a commission regardless of when a user purchases after registering using your affiliate link.

Payout Frequency

You must conduct your research and compare the payout frequencies of various programs. It will help you identify the ones you can cope with and those you won’t.

For instance, if a program provides a long interval (like quarterly or six months), you might face frequent cash shortages.

A good program sets a threshold, and you can withdraw cash once you reach it. Many platforms allow withdrawals if you accumulate $100. They credit your account every month, and you can withdraw anytime.

Check the steps involved, so you don’t settle for a program with a lengthy withdrawal procedure.

The Best Affiliate Programs

Is Share a Sale Good?The best affiliate marketing programs will help you grow your brand as you earn. They can provide learning materials with tips for approaching different industries, growing your audience, writing attention-grabbing copy, or expanding your computer knowledge.

Our best picks are AWIN, ShareASale, and CJ. These companies have outstanding programs that will enable you to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

Trust them for:

  • Reliable commission structure
  • Timely payouts and on a regular schedule (1 month)
  • Opportunities for learning
  • Partnering with both popular and lesser-known brands
  • Reliable customer service

Make Your Choice

Remember to promote products that fit your niche as you consider the factors we highlighted. A health blog should have products in the health industry.

A sports blog can promote sports apparel and equipment. That is how you win the trust of your audience and increase your chances of getting conversions. Remember to get creative with it as you publish your content.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing Training

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