Alternatives to Amazon Affiliate Program

Alternatives to Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate Program is popular among affiliate marketers, with many solely relying on the platform. While you may earn a decent commission from Amazon sales, diversifying your affiliate marketing approach can help you boost earnings and enter new markets. 

We have outlined some of the best alternatives to the Amazon Affiliate program. The alternatives provide very lucrative opportunities helping you move away from the crowded Amazon market.

Why Consider an Amazon Alternative?

First, why should you consider alternatives to Amazon’s affiliate program? Well, that’s easy!

The two most important considerations in choosing an affiliate program are:

  • Commission Percentage (%) – the commission % that you receive for each sale
  • Attribution Window – the period of time that you get credit for the sale after a visitor clicks your affiliate link

Amazon is generally the worst of both worlds! They pay very low commission percentages, as low as 2%.

And they also have very short attribution windows. You only get credit for a purchase for 24 hours after someone clicks your affiliate link.

The Other End of the Spectrum

On the other end of then spectrum, I have affiliate partners who pay 50% lifetime commissions, and have a lifetime attribution window! So yes, like the exact opposite of what Amazon offers to their affiliates.

What does this mean? For attribution window, after someone clicks my affiliate link, whether they buy today or in three years, I still get credit for that purchase.

With Amazon, you only get credit for 24 hours. So after someone clicks your Amazon affiliate link, they have to buy something on Amazon within 24 hours of the click for you to receive an affiliate commission. So the attribution window is as important as the commission percentage.

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Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives

Some alternatives include:

  • AWIN
  • ShareASale
  • CJ


AWIN refers to its affiliate marketers as publishers. The company provides guidance, training, and support to enable you to succeed as an AWIN publisher. With over 20,000 advertisers on AWIN, you will likely get several gigs.

The registration process is straightforward; you must deposit $5 into your account. The amount is a measure to verify your bank details and remains in your account. You receive your $5 back on your first commission payment. You also get a refund if your application is unsuccessful or you choose to close your account.

With an easy-to-use interface, AWIN ensures you can get everything you need. The commission manager is also easy to adopt.


AWIN acquired ShareASale in 2017. The platform has over 20,000 merchants and 240,000 publishers. One thing to note is that most of the products on ShareASale are from small, lesser-known brands. They are still great brands with lots of earning potential. I receive some of my most consistent commissions for ShareASale.

ShareASale has merchants from every possible field. Both physical and digital products are available. While physical products may generate lower commissions to affiliates due to storage and transportation fees involved, they tend to sell more.

The platform has an easy-to-use interface; you can log in and search for some keywords in your industry. You will get several vendors whom you can contact. Some vendors offer commissions as high as 10%


CJ was initially Commission Junction; then, they bought their domain name Many well-known brands are available on CJ, meaning you can work with a worldwide brand. Because most vendors are big retailers, getting accepted to the affiliate program can sometimes be daunting.

However, it is quite easy to earn once you get accepted. You’ll see stats like the 7-day EPC (earnings per click), giving you insightful conversion rates and allowing you to compare your revenue with others.

CJ offers real-time transaction monitoring, making it easier to track products. Payments are also much smoother.

Once you join CJ, you can access affiliate programs from different retailers, including Wayfair. You can manage several retailers in one place and get all your commissions at once. You must earn a minimum of $50 to withdraw via direct deposit or $100 for bank checks.

Learn About Affiliate Marketing

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

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