Passive Income for College Students

Passive Income for College Students

Passive income for college students is something that most students think is out of reach. It’s not. It requires some side hustle work, and possibly learning some new skills. But any college student can do it with some desire and focus.

If you’re a college student with some foresight and a solid work ethic to get this started, the payoff is monster. As most things in life, it takes some work to get started. But the work is more like fun, and once you get some momentum, then success has a snowball effect.

And let’s first be very clear, your college academics should be priority numeral uno! But if you have some extra time in your busy week, we’ve got some possibilities that can change your life.

It can provide you a lifestyle in a few years that will make you the envy of all of your college friends. Most college kids focus a lot on partying in their spare time, and that’s all well and good.

College is a great time to do it! But if you can spare a few hours a week and make some small sacrifices, then you can make this happen!

Best Way for a College Student to Earn Passive Income 

One of the best ways to earn passive income that is sustainable and reliable is through affiliate marketing. If you have no idea what affiliate marketing is, perfectly OK! You’re not alone. 

Although affiliate marketing is not well known, it is a simple concept to understand. And affiliate marketing cannot only provide you with a sustainable, growing, and long-term income, but also an incredible lifestyle. The kind that most people dream about.

Every bit as important as the money is the lifestyle. A mobile, work from anywhere, lifestyle from affiliate marketing that is merely a dream for most working people. And as a college student it’s the perfect time to start the process! 

However, it takes work. Lots of work to build the foundation. But after 2-3 weeks of getting started, most people thoroughly enjoy the process. When this happens, work becomes more life fun.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending products and services on digital platforms like a website. And when someone clicks your link and then purchases that product, then you get a commission. It’s a simple, yet powerful, concept. In essence, you are an affiliate of the company that pays you a commission.

Real Life Example of Earning Passive Income While You Sleep

Here’s a real life example. 

Let’s say your passion is jogging. You were on the track team in high school, and you still love to jog. You build a website – which you can learn the basics in a few weeks – centered around jogging. You write content about everything jogging: shoes, shorts, apps, diet, stretching, best running surfaces, and the like. 

As part of that process, you have a page on your website about the best running apps. And you recommend an app called Gorilla Running App (totally made up, but kinda has a ring to it 🙂). 

When a visitor to that page on your website clicks your link, and goes to Gorilla Running and downloads that app, you earn a commission. Just one of a million plus examples.

And it grows and grows and grows over time. And instead of having one page, you eventually have hundreds of pages. Instead of having a few links,  you have thousands of those referring links.  The great thing is, they can all earn money while you sleep.

Best Mechanism for Affiliate Marketing

The best way to build this process of affiliate marketing is through a website that you own and operate. And if you’ve never built a website, it’s a very simple process that anyone can learn. It just requires learning a few new simple skills. 

But the payoff is huge, because the internet is only getting bigger and your website will grow and gain power with time. It will become your most prized possession, and something you will be proud of for generations and decades to come. 

So getting back to another affiliate marketing example and how it works. So let’s say you build a website around another passion that you have. It can be anything. So think about something you really enjoy or have a passion for, and that is your vehicle to growth and success. 

So if you love gardening, then that is your niche website. If you love beer pong, there is a niche for that. If you love craft beer, and all of the new brands and tastes popping up on a monthly basis, then that is a powerful niche. 

And the list goes on and on, and there is no limit to the ideas and niches that you can pursue. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Building a Website for Passive Income

So you might be asking, “but I have never built a website and have no idea how to do this.” Again, it’s a lot easier than you think. There are tools today that make it as simple as opening a bank account. 

You just need to learn a few new skills in your spare time, and build your affiliate marketing website over time. Once you get some traction, then you’ll start to make passive income that earns while you sleep. 

You don’t have to be a brilliant and experienced marketer. You just need to have a passion for something and put in some work to achieve it. But once the engine is built, it will grow and get stronger with each passing week. 

For example, once you start getting some traffic to your website, you will have companies reach out to you with marketing proposals to partner with you. This takes time, but it is all achievable with some focus and effort.

Eventually you’ll have a powerhouse business that not only earns passive income, but will provide other opportunities as well. A great platform to learn affiliate marketing, and one that we highly recommend at Mobile and Passive, is Wealthy Affiliate. Click to see our complete Wealthy Affiliate review.

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