Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing Training

The right affiliate marketing training can provide the guidance and foundation for success. The key is to find the right affiliate marketing training program, and there are some real pitfalls to look out for when choosing.

Some of the main considerations in choosing a program or course are the following:

  • How long have they been in operation?
  • Do they have a real track record for success?
  • Is there a hefty charge to enter the program?
  • Do they provide the right tools?
  • Is the platform or program affordable?
  • Do they make a lot of false promises
  • Is there a strong and positive community?
  • Do they offer proper support?

There are many affiliate marketing programs for bloggers today. Despite this, it can be a very arduous task to sort through and select the right one.

Our Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. The Affiliate Lab
  3. Authority Hacker
  4. Legendary Marketer

Experience Counts When Choosing the Right Affiliate Marketing Training

This guide is based on more than a decade of experience, as well as investing more than $50,000 in affiliate marketing training. Let’s tackle some of the key considerations that you should look at when choosing a program.

How Long Have They Been In Operation?

The first consideration is how long has the program or platform been in operation. This is important for a number of reasons, to include the obvious which is experience and longevity. For a program to be around and thriving for more than five years, it’s likely producing pretty solid results.

I have seen many programs that do an amazing job of looking like they have great depth and offer cutting-edge value. However, when you look behind the curtain you realize they are brand new and are trying to figure out their plan.

I have been tricked a number of times just looking at a very slick and enticing post on social media about program offerings, and when I click through to their website, it’s obvious that it’s a start up with probably no success stories. So make sure you choose a program with a proven track record, and more importantly proven results.

Do They Have a Real Track Record for Success?

Affiliate Marketing TrainingMake sure you do your homework to determine if they have actual results of proven success. It’s very easy to take screenshots of false claims using today’s graphic design technology. It’s incredible how often this happens!

You can cut and paste just about anything to make it look real, and it’s hard to tell either way, even by a seasoned pro. So do your research and make sure the affiliate training course you’re considering has proven results from verifiable members.

So many posers today are very effective at creating a façade, and it’s hard to decipher the truth. However, with enough research and drilling down, you can get to the real results.

Another tip is to ask to speak with real members, and request a call and connect with other members.

I was tricked eight years ago into buying an e-commerce site on Flippa. At the time, Flippa did not do a good job of verifying earnings and revenue, and it was a very painful lesson when I figured out that it was a lot of smoke and mirrors.

So do your best to drill down on the real results to determine the validity of the programs success stories. And an important way to mitigate this risk is the next item on the list.

Is There a Hefty Charge to Enter the Program?

Without question, the very best affiliate training to join is a membership site. A membership site proves its value by one fundamental truth: you only pay if you are satisfied. Many affiliate programs are high ticket purchases with shaky guarantees. You pay a lot up front, and many courses offer no type of guarantee. 

However, if you join a membership site that is pay as you go with no long-term commitment, there is no better proof of value than that. So be cautious about high ticket programs that offer the moon and stars. It’s easy to get sucked in with slick marketing and not much in the way of results.

Do They Make a Lot of False Promises

There are so many affiliate training programs that have video advertisements and even testimonials with outrageous claims of success. Testimonial videos from people who claim to be making $20,000 a month in the first few months of joining a program. 

As a general rule, be very cautious about outrageous claims regarding affiliate training. Anyone who knows affiliate marketing and the road to success, can tell you that it’s a road that takes time and work to do it properly. 

The upside is tremendous, but it does take time to build the foundation. So any claims to the contrary, make sure you are skeptical and doing your homework to avoid stepping on a land mine.

Do They Have a Deep and Comprehensive Training Program

You want to make sure the program you are considering has a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of affiliate marketing: building a website, understanding the best affiliate partners, optimizing your content to rank, properly using social, etc.

Affiliate marketing is not complicated, but there are many pieces to the puzzle that must fit together to make it work correctly. So make sure that the program and training have a comprehensive offering covers all the bases.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Do They Provide the Right Tools

In today’s online landscape, there are some affiliate training programs that offer a full range of tools required to run an affiliate marketing website and business. Most do not, but some do. And yes, you do need a website to run a successful

Some of these tools include a website hosting platform, keyword research, comprehensive training, ongoing weekly classes, tools to manage your website, an active community for collaboration, and more. And with this type of program available, it does not make sense to settle for a program that is a training only program.

Is the Platform Affordable?

This is a big one! There are many programs out there that charge a small fortune for their affiliate marketing training course. And they may well be worth it if they have a good track record.

The real question is whether or not they’re the right program for you? We all learn differently, so that’s a key question to consider. I joined one program for $5K+ and it was a terrible fit. Many of the classes were during the workday, and I was busy with my main job at the time.

This is why we highly recommend, based on my decade of experience, to enter join a training program that is month-to-month (a membership platform). By doing this, you don’t have a large cash outlay to join, and you can decide if it’s a good fit for you in the first few months. 

Is There a Strong, Active, and Positive Community

This is another important consideration. Having an active and positive community is a telltale sign of a successful program. It’s pretty easy to do a few testimonial videos promising the stars, but it’s harder to have hundreds of people in a community singing the praises of a program. 

So if you have an active and positive community within the training platform, this is a very good sign. This is why it’s important to join a membership site for affiliate training. By putting no money down, or at least not much, you can get a very good feel for the vibe of the program just by interacting with the members.

Does the Training Platform Offer Great Support?

This is also important, especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing. Support is very key, and most courses lack in this regard. 

Wealthy Affiliate has absolutely superior support in every way. Whether it’s contacting the owners directly, or contacting support, they make themselves available and respond quickly.

At Mobile & Passive, we believe strongly that Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform to learn affiliate marketing. And it’s an ideal platform from newbies up to season pros.

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  1. Alice

    You’re right; there are so many affiliate marketing training platforms that claim to have the best program and tools to help you succeed. However, most of them lack the things you enumerated in your post. Track record, customer support, and resources are just some of the things I am looking for in an affiliate marketing training program. Of course, the cost of the program also matters. 

    Many affiliate training programs also tend to overpromise and underdeliver. Some even go as far as to say that one does not really need to work long hours to make hundreds or thousands of dollars, which in effect raises a red flag. ☺

    1. Mobile and Passive

      Thanks Alice for your comment. And it’s very true. Finding the right affiliate marketing training program takes som  work and research, but it’s well worth the effort! And customer support is one of the most important!

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