Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? What You Need to Know

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? This is a very fair question, as there are gobs of scams around every corner in the online world. Many of those sites are just hoping to do one thing, and that is pilfer unsuspecting people who are hopeful and trusting. People who are just looking for an honest opportunity.

Speaking from a perspective of vast experience, I can say with certainty that Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legit. It is a very solid company with solid owners. 

And that is the most important thing to know about these types of websites and opportunities. Who is the owner (or owners)? 

Upstanding, above-board owners do not run scams and misleading opportunities. There are plenty of these to go around, but Wealthy Affiliate is not one of them. Kyle and Carson are stand-up guys, through and through.

My Experience With Wealthy Affiliate

After having been in Wealthy Affiliate for over a year, I have been exceedingly impressed with every aspect of the platform. Here are just a few highlights from my perspective:

  • The Training is outstanding
  • Daily / Weekly classes are powerful and cutting edge
  • The community is full of supportive, inspiring people who really try to help others (and are genuinely nice people from my experience)
  • The tools and site building is fully integrated into wordpress, so you can work from the WA platform, or directly in wordpress
  • Lots of free images directly related to affiliate marketing
  • Owners and top performers are very accessible for help and guidance
  • It has incredible training on how to promote affiliate partners
  • It has tools for every aspect of building a website for affiliate marketing
  • Great recommendations on the best affiliate programs
  • Specific training on any and every aspect of the digital world that you need help with (wordpress, social, using pinterest better, using tiktok better, featured snippets, best plugins for social posting, how often to update old content…just to name a few)

A Veteran With Plenty of Scar Tissue

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard

And I’m not a newbie at this by any means. I have been in the online space for more than 10 years.

And given the option of doing things the easy way or the hard way, I chose the hard way many times by mistake. It’s easy to choose the wrong path when you don’t have trusted advisors to guide you.

I was a diamond member ($5,000 investment) in Empower Network back from 2013-2015. I attended their annual event in Miami, FL in January of 2014 where Dave Wood, Dave Sharpe, and Vic Strizheus were the speakers. And I got swindled by that company like many, many other people. It turned out to be a house of cards, that tumbled down very hard in 2016.

And I’ve had other similar experiences, and purchased a boatload of courses over the past decade. Some better than others, and also a number of very misleading offers that I bought into hook, line, and sinker. And some where my fault because I did not commit, for whatever reason.

I paid $12,000 for Joel Kaplan’s course in 2019, which is probably a great course for some people. I wish I had spent that money on a down payment for a new fishing boat. It was the worst experience for me, and I still live with that bitter taste of regret. The one silver lining was that I did learn some decent tools to help my agency clients.

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Wealthy Affiliate advertises and promotes learning the affiliate marketing business, and making money in the process. Here are the reasons why their program is legit.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing Training

At Mobile & Passive, we believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn affiliate marketing, and build a successful business. It has the best training, tools, support, and amazing success stories. Whether you’re brand new, or a seasoned pro, it works equally well for everyone. And you can test drive the program for absolutely free – not even a credit card down. 

The Training is Outstanding

Affiliate Marketing Training

So I have purchased many courses, and for the most part, they are static courses where the content is updated on occasion, but not continually evolving. This is a problem in the online world, because things are changing monthly. 

With Wealthy Affiliate, they have a full training course that takes months to complete (to do it right and take it in). And it is a lot of info. 

However, what is most impressive is that they have a live class almost daily with information that is on the cutting edge of what’s working online. And it needs to be cutting edge, because the online world and algorithms change like the wind.

For example, just this week was training with “Tracking Your Site’s Progress With Google Analytics.” Now this is important because many of us still use Universal Analytics (old school), which is soon to be extinct. 

So this training is about GA4 and getting up to speed on Google’s latest analytics training. This kind of information is just an example of weekly classes that are available depending on your needs in that moment. 

So I pick and choose the classes that I need in that week, and don’t do the others. And this training is given by experts in that lane, and it’s incredibly valuable to have it all in one place.

I get an email on Friday showing the classes the following week, and I pick which ones I want to attend. Sometimes I pick none if there is not a need for the subject, and sometimes I pick two to three.

It’s Free to Give It a Try

Many of the scams out there have a very strong sales page with hundreds of impressive testimonials about why you need this product or this class, and you need it now. The catch is you have to put a large sum of cash into their pocket to start the conversation. 

Free Trial Wealthy AffiliateHowever, with Wealthy Affiliate, you can test drive the product for a full month and really get a feel for the community, the training, and all the tools and resources that they offer. It’s a great testing out period to see if it’s a fit. 

And even after you decide to join, you are not locked in for some huge financial commitment. You pay month-to-month, and only pay if you are happy. 

There is no better evidence of confidence in your product than only requiring payment if the consumer is happy. Think about your cell phone service, most of them require a contract and you’re locked in and you need an army of lawyers to figure a way out. 

So this is pretty good evidence that Wealthy Affiliate is solid and credible in what they offer. And I could not agree more.

The Owners Are Actively Involved

The next item is that the owners are actively involved in the company and in the process. If you’ve been in the online world for a minute, then you likely know that it’s rare you can DM the owner of a group or training platform and get a response from the owner. 

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can DM Carson or Kyle anytime, and they will respond within a day but usually sooner. And yes it’s really them, and I have conversed with them both on numerous occasions. So this lends a huge amount of credibility to the question of why Wealthy Affiliate is legit.

Summing Up the Question: Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Coming from someone who has plenty of scar tissue and an equal amount of embarrassment from being suckered more than a few times, I can say from a position of experience that Wealthy Affiliate is legit. In fact, it is more than legit. It is a very strong platform and community that will more than help you become an expert in the affiliate marketing space. 

The training, resources, community, support, and all of the tools are there for you. Putting in the time and doing the work, well that part is left up to you. But if you take action and do the work, then I have no doubt that you will agree that Wealthy Affiliate is legit in every possible way, and then some.

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