Affiliate Marketing for Lifestyle Bloggers

Affiliate Marketing for Lifestyle Bloggers

Affiliate marketing has recently gained popularity, and for a good reason: both the publisher and company win. While it may seem difficult at first, it is something that every blogger (including lifestyle bloggers) can do. It is a good way to make money blogging.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves an online publisher promoting other people’s or company products and earning from a specific result. They use affiliate links to track leads, sales, clicks, downloads, or free signups. The affiliate marketer earns a commission from all or either of these results, depending on their agreement with the advertiser.

Typically, a blogger can join any of these three programs:

  • Low-paying, high volume: Involves products with mass appeal. Your percentage earnings are low (for instance, 10% of the sale), but the chances of making more sales are high.
  • High-paying, low-volume: Involves niche products that attract few buyers. While you won’t make many sales, you’ll still make significant earnings.
  • High-paying, high-volume: Involves expensive products attracting many people, e.g., credit and debit cards. Affiliate marketers must have deep expertise in the products.

Affiliate Programs for Lifestyle Bloggers

Lifestyle bloggers can earn passive income blogging while engaging their audience. The quality of your content, engagement levels, and user experience can help you get a top affiliate marketing program.

Lifestyle bloggers in the beauty, gardening, home, travel, and similar niches can earn from the programs below.

  • Amazon Associates Affiliate Program
  • ShareASale Affiliate Program
  • Sephora Affiliate Program
  • Target Affiliate Program
  • Fitbit Affiliates

1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing for Lifestyle Bloggers - Amazon Associates Affiliate ProgramBloggers from any niche can use the Amazon Associates program. Amazon allows you to create your Amazon store/shop to feature all your favorite products. You can feature products from popular and no-name brands.

Once you create content, you can add Amazon affiliate links to the products.

As a blogger, you only need to create an Amazon Associates account and start your affiliate marketing journey. You must make three sales within the first three months to be part of the program.

2. ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale is a popular affiliate program that every lifestyle blogger can join. You only need to sign up, wait for approval and promote your favorite products. Its minimum payout is $50, making it easier for affiliate marketers to withdraw cash early.

The program doesn’t require you to pay a commission to join.

3. Sephora Affiliate Program

Beauty and lifestyle bloggers who want to write affiliate product reviews for premium beauty products can sign up for Sephora. The platform has over 200 brands and well over 10000 beauty products.

4. Target Affiliate Program

Lifestyle bloggers in the US can use the Target Affiliate program to promote various products. Target has a wide range of products, just like Amazon. Both no-name and popular brands are available on Target.

The best thing is that it has a 7-day cookie period.

5. Fitbit Affiliates Program

Bloggers in the fitness niche can join Fitbit Affiliates. Fitbit is a manufacturer of fitness activity trackers. You can join the program for free and earn a commission of up to 12% on every sale from affiliate links. (1)

Once you join the program, you receive free educational material to help you build knowledge in affiliate marketing.

Join an Affiliate Program

The programs we have listed are only a few. You can do your research and join an affiliate program that suits you. It is an excellent way to earn income while blogging.

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